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Industrial Marketing and Consulting

November 18, 2011
What is the purpose of a mobile site for your business?

Since most people view the web through smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets, a website today needs to display…

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November 7, 2011
Value Mechanics – Marketing and Communicating Value

The hardest part of communication is ascribing value and worth to a subject and the communication of it is perhaps the…

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August 21, 2011
5 reasons why you need search engine optimization

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what does SEO do for your business. Please read below for our…

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August 20, 2011
Marketing with google maps.

When I started looking for a place to move to I hadn’t a firm idea of what I wanted. I knew…

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customer service
December 14, 2010
Customer Service (Do or Die)

Customer service is the most important ingredient in growing and maintaining your business and the customers you have. In fact as a small…

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November 20, 2010
Media or Culture, which came first?

This is one my rambling that I though deserved a place on this blog, humor me. The media is as much…

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